Compass Venture Partners is a venture capital firm focused on investments in emerging companies with innovative products or services addressing high-growth markets. Most of our portfolio companies also have strong intellectual property positions.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to support entrepreneurs in growing sustainable businesses with large market potential. We do so with capital, our partners' collective experience, and access to our relationship network.

Our Investment Methodology and Value Added Expertise
We believe that personalized attention and extensive involvement between our team and each of our portfolio companies is essential. We are seasoned professionals with strong business backgrounds and proven track records working with technology companies.
We are experienced as technology investors and managers. As such, we possess the key development skills required for successful venture investment in companies, including technology assessment, financial experience, valuation knowledge, marketing strategy, and high-growth management. As a group, we have a full complement of relevant corporate, investment and venture management expertise. In addition, we offer our entrepreneurs hands-on assistance with some of their most pressing challenges such as business alliances, customers, marketing, recruiting, research and exit strategy.

Our Network
Compass has an extensive professional network that portfolio companies can leverage as their business needs require.

Our Words
Choosing a venture investment partner is one of the most crucial decisions a company will make. As entrepreneurs evaluate different venture capital firms, we understand that it is often difficult to tell the hype from the reality. While venture firms do significant reference checking on founding teams before making an investment, our experience has been that founding teams rarely check the references of a venture investor. We welcome and encourage the entrepreneurs and companies that get involved with us to talk with CEO’s from our current and previous portfolios to find out if the reality of the value Compass has brought to them matched our claims and their expectations.

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